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Chiropractic Care Provo for Hand Pain

Hands are a part of everyday activities from sports to hobbies.  When hand pain reduces those activities and routines, it becomes very apparent just how much we use our hands and how valuable they are to our way of life.  When hand pain occurs, it is important to find the cause and treat them to quickly return to normal activity.  Hand pain is described as all types of discomfort associated with the tissues or joints of the hand or fingers.

What are the common causes of hand pain? 

Injury or trauma from a sudden event or from long periods of repetitive use, such as keyboarding, can lead to inflammation and pain.  Arthritis is another very common cause of hand pain. Diabetes is a more serious condition and can also cause pain or a burning sensation in your hand and fingers.

What does hand pain feel like?

Hand pain sensation may feel like

  • Throbbing
  • Aching
  • Tingling
  • Increased warmth
  • Soreness
  • Stiffness
  • Burning or prickling  in the hand or fingers

Why see a chiropractor for hand pain?

Hand joints or any structures in the hand or joints, such as the knuckles, where bones meet can become injured, irritated and inflamed resulting in pain and loss of range of motion.

Damage or pressure on the nerves in the hand and fingers can result in mild to very acute pain.  Also, overstressed tendons and ligaments due to misaligned bones can lead to inflammation in the connective tissues.

What can a chiropractor do to help relieve hand pain?

A chiropractor can adjust the several bones in the hand, bringing them back into proper alignment, thus reducing undue pressure on nerves in the hand, improving blood circulation to the troubled areas and helping the bones and connective tissues to properly and naturally heal.  Manipulations aid in speeding recovery time and increasing range of motion.

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