"Best of Utah County" award winner, seven years running!

We Won! Thanks to You! “Best Ch...

We Won! Thanks to You! “Best Chiropractor in Utah County”

We won again! Thanks to all of our patients who have voted us the Best of Utah Count Chiropractor for 8 years in a row in the Daily Herald Contest. We also won Utah Valley 360 this year as well. We love the fact that we are able to help those in auto accidents recovery […]

Best of Utah Valley Chiropractor

Best of Utah Valley Chiropractor

Have you voted yet? Dr. Baker is working on receiving the “Best of Utah Valley” award from the Daily Herald readers. He has won this award since 2009. Being the best Chiropractor in Utah Valley is one thing that he strives for. This is attained through customer service, patient results and his ability to reach […]

Best of Utah Valley 360 – Best ...

Best of Utah Valley 360 – Best Chiropractor

The Best Chiropractor is being voted for in Utah Valley. Don’t miss the opportunity to vote. We got 1st place in 2016. We look forward to 2017 if you will let us. Thanks for your support!

Be Educated After An Auto Accident

Be Educated After An Auto Accident

Not sure what to do after an auto accident in Utah? Well the first thing that is always recommended is get a police report. If you did not do that, don’t stress, but it is always a good start. Next people worry about their car. If the accident is not your fault the at fault […]

Auto Accident Treatment Provo

Auto Accident Treatment Provo

Ever wondered where to get auto accident related treatment in Provo, UT? Baker Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation is located in Provo and we specialize in Auto Accident treatment. We treat whiplash, head pain, neck pain, back pain, wrist pain, knee pain and more. We deal with concussions, contusions, and other injuries. We work with many […]

Utah County Chiropractor Talks About ...

Utah County Chiropractor Talks About Auto Accident Rehabilitation

Dr. Steve Baker talks about how auto accident rehabilitation works in the utah county clinics located in American Fork, Spanish Fork, & Provo. Many people do not realize that they do not have to pay money out of their pocket for care because they have personal injury protection built into their auto policy. The state […]

Baker Chiropractic 2016 Luau

Baker Chiropractic 2016 Luau

Have you seen the new clinic? We are now located 5 doors down from our old location. We have more space and more massage rooms to help you get better quickly after your auto accident. We specialize in auto accident rehabilitation. We want you to get better quickly with no out of packet cost to […]



LOCAL CHIROPRACTOR EARNS HIGHEST CERTIFICATION IN TRAUMATOLOGY Spinal Injuries and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are on the Rise Although the number of fatalities from motor vehicle collisions (MVC) has reached an all-time low in recent years. Innovations such as laminated windshields, collapsable steering wheels, more effective restraint systems, and an increasingly more crashworthy overall structure […]

Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatolog...

Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology Graduate: 2015

Dr. Steve Baker of Baker Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation & Dr. Adam Anderson of American Fork Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation & Dr. Craig Johnson of Brigham City Chiropractic & Accident Rehabilitation have all received their training on Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology. They are also in the process of receiving their Advanced Training Certification. This […]

Should I Consult an Attorney After a ...

Should I Consult an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Following a car accident, many individuals ask “Do I need an attorney?” It is a great question because without legal representation, there is a large chance that you could lose out on compensation. After your accident, you’re left with a damaged car, chiropractor visits, medical bills, and lost wages. The insurance company will often offer […]